The Warlord's Crown

by James Dittmar
Three mercenaries, friends since childhood and the last surviving members of the Nightfall Rangers, are trying to return home when they are caught in the path of a new newly risen Warlord rampaging from the Western borders across the Kingdom of Oaktar, marching under the orders of the fallen god Drante and his disciple, a dark sorceress bent on revenge. A young healer, a follower of the goddess Mortia, joins them at the behest of her deity, as they race to their homeland in the hope of aiding their families and saving their lands from destruction, but can they get there before the warband? An epic fantasy adventure in the vein of R.A. Salvatore (The Legend of Drizzt), J.R.R Tolkien (The Lord of the Rings; The Hobbit), Robert Jordan (The Wheel of Time series), Terry Brooks (The Shannara series), Lloyd Alexander (The Chronicles of Prydain) and William King (Gotrek & Felix series) comes the debut novel from author James Dittmar, the first part of the Drante’s War Duology.
Deal Available through September 12, 2021
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