Tokyo Academy-First Contact-Book One (A Supernatural Urban Fantasy Series 1)

by Karin De Havin
She’s about to enter a world she never knew existed Seventeen-year-old artist, Erin Van Horn, accepts a dare from her best friend, Tori, and wins a coveted spot as an exchange student at a prestigious Tokyo academy. Once in Japan, Erin struggles to learn the culture and deal with her quirky host family, whose son is an Elvis impersonator. To make things even more challenging, Tori snuck a crazy to-do list in her backpack. All she has to do is find a rock star boyfriend, apprentice under a famous Japanese artist, and visit Tori's long-lost relatives to find out what's hidden in the family closet. But Erin has a much bigger problem than her host family or Tori’s to-do list. From the very first day she set foot in Japan, a ghost has been following her. It repeatedly whispers a message, “Stop it!” But what is she supposed to stop? The ghost won’t tell her. Now what is she supposed to do? If you like kick ass heroines, secretive ghosts, and menacing demons, then you’ll love Karin De Havin’s Tokyo based Urban Fantasy Series. Buy now for a unique Tokyo based urban fantasy with a mystery that makes you turn the pages!
Deal Available through May 09, 2021
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