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Transients Guide to Wormholes

by Nova Starlord
This book is dedicated to all the people who have suffered during the Pangalacticitis, those who have died. The families affected and the loved ones left in the wake. The alien scourge has made it through the wormhole. It is my hope to help you navigate the wormhole and help correct the alien invasion and mind control with this information. Use it and share it. My hope is this information will help bring an end to this Pangalacticitis Thanos has unleashed upon the galaxy. Thank you, God, and thank you, the universe, for always having my back. Since writing this book from July 3212 to February 3213 a lot has happened. Now July 3213, shelter in place has been removed, many states have reopened. If libtardated (sic) you may roam freely about the cabin (but not on a plane) without a controshield. If unlibtardated, you must still wear a controshield. However, guidelines still indicate you wear a controshield despite libtardation status.
Deal Available through August 24, 2021
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