Truth Kills - PI Angelina Bonaparte Mysteries #1

by Nanci Rathbun
A murdered mistress. An accused mob boss. Can two detectives put their differences aside to find the real killer? Angelina Bonaparte is starting from square one. After a messy divorce, the middle-aged librarian put down her books and picked up a new gig as a private investigator. When a mob boss heads to jail for his mistress' murder, she has no issue with the womanizing scumbag rotting in prison. But when the suspect's pregnant wife swears his innocence, Angelina can't find it in her heart to refuse the case. If you like clean mysteries, fierce female investigators, and whodunnits with a touch of snarky humor and a hint of romance, you’ll love Truth Kills. Get it today, and ride along with a hard-hitting detective who’s not afraid to reinvent herself!
Deal Available through July 03, 2021
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