Wizen Woods (Immortal Roots Book 1)

by Velvet Davis
If forced to choose, would you accept a passionless duty that aligns with fate…or fight to the death for your beliefs?Born with the mark of the scribe, Raela is bound to a prophetic book that will help guide her people underground to escape the invasion of their homeland. As the prophecy warns, this event signals an even worse doom, for an invisible enemy looms on the horizon.Rebial, her childhood sweetheart, is now a young man with a strong connection to the woods. He believes the tribe’s aging seer has misconstrued the prophecy. Unfairly denied his warrior status, he vows to stay behind and protect the sacred forest they call home—and wants Raela by his side.With the burden of fate resting squarely on their shoulders, will the book that promises to save their lives instead destroy them? Or does it possess a power so magical that only time will tell?Find out before it's too late.Warnings echo through the woods...
Deal Available through August 10, 2023
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