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The Wax Factory by Justin Bienvenue

Would you enter a creepy thought to be abandoned factory without knowing what awaits you on the other side?
All Dmitri Townsend wanted was the perfect college project. When he and his girlfriend Melina hear about the Wax Factory it sounds and looks ideal, but is everything as it seems? It was once the pride and joy of Ghyslain Vandaldrake, the visionary who was Edison, Dr. Frankenstein, and Lovecraft if they had wax fetishes. He sculpted wax for people in the mid to late 1800s but saw his dreams shattered by unforeseen circumstances. Gustav Vanaldrake dreams of reopening the factory that his great-grandfather was forced to sell. However dark sinister forces are at work in the Wax factory and the deeper Dmitri and Melina explore, the stranger things become. Can Gustav reclaim the glory that forced his great-grandfather to never be heard from again?
Will this be the college project to die for? Perfect for fans of horror and urban gothic, do you dare to step foot in “The Wax Factory?”


Category: Horror

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