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Rogue Skies: A Limited Edition Fantasy and Science Fiction Collection by C.L. Cannon

The skies have gone rogue. Space can't be tamed. And magic is a law unto itself.

Transport yourself to new worlds where dark magic clashes with witty witches, diabolic demons, feisty fae, and sexy shifters. Or travel through time and space with cosmic spies, space thieves, and telepathic pirates. Add in a dash of Victorian heroes and inhuman soldiers, and you have a one-of-a-kind science fiction and fantasy collection of intoxicating proportions.

Fans of Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Neil Gaiman, Anne McCaffrey, John Scalzi or Sarah J. Maas, Leigh Bardugo, Tamora Pierce, Lois Lowry, and Maria V. Snyder will find themselves transported to weird realms and epic otherworlds in this reality-optional boxset.

Rogues and Rebels, Magic and Mayhem, Futures and Fantasy—there's no limit to the excitement that awaits when you turn the pages of this collection of spellbinding adventures from some of today's best-selling Science Fiction and Fantasy authors.

1-click ROGUE SKIES today!

With stories by...
C.L. Cannon
Mirren Hogan
Missy De Graff
Bella Andrews
Ashlee Nicole Bye
Emma Jane Holloway
Candace Sams
Melinda Kucsera
Jennifer Ellision
USA Today bestselling author Suzanne Jenkins
Brantwijn Serrah
USA Today bestselling author Shereen Vedam
S.A. McClure
Karen M. Bryson & Candace Segar
Rae Hendricks & Lianne Willowmoon
Lee French
Tamsin Baker
Joynell Schultz
Tracy Korn
Shannon Pemrick
Suzanne Hagelin
Nadine Travers
Cecilia Dominic
Bill Hargenrader
Jason J. Nugent

$2.99 $0.99
Deal available on Jul 10

Category: Fantasy

Freeing Fortune by Ashley J. Barner and Jennifer Sanders

Linnea Santiago loves everything about Ben Fortune. Sadly, he’s a fictional character.

And now he's standing in her living room.

Mr. Fortune was supposed to remain the hero of Linnea's favorite Regency romance, Fortune's Folly. But Linnea has stumbled across a magic spell in the library archives, and now Ben Fortune is real, adjusting to the 21st century—and changing the plot in every copy of Fortune's Folly, wreaking havoc by his absence. Worse yet, his young sister is now in danger, and he needs to go back into the book to save her.

Can Linnea find the right spell to send him back to fictional Regency England—and does she even want to?

$2.99 $0.99
Deal available on Jul 03

Category: Time Travel Romance

Into The Game: Dungeon Crawl Quest by C A A Allen

When a mysterious package arrives from the recently deceased Dungeon Crawl Quest game developer, college student Riff Jenkins finally gets his reward for being one of the RPG's top players: a special Grimoire and an invitation to LA's premiere gaming den. But the Grimoire is much more than it appears. When Riff syncs it to a computer at the den, he's virtually transported inside the deadly world of his favorite on-line game. Will he find a way out before the servers are shut down, and he dies in the game for real?

$3.99 $0.99
Deal available on Jun 27

Category: Fantasy

Four Times Broken by Felisha Antonette

Discover the suspenseful paranormal romance that has readers asking What Happens Next?

Tracey Warren has her last year of high school mapped out--stay focused, graduate in a few months, and get the hell out of Bennington, Virginia. Everything is working out in her favor. Life has finally started to level out, until a car accident sends her plans spiraling out of her control.

Her pedestrian reality crashes around her after an innocuous encounter with a diabolically handsome stranger. Nathan Newcomb has her head and her world altering minute by minute. Soon, she discovers the only cure for the uneasy feelings and abrasive pain is Nathan himself. A man whose very existence balances between violent chaos and rigidly controlled dangers.

Nathan knows the life of a woman mated to a Burdened Sephlem is destined for peril beyond a human's reckoning, that he'll be required to literally hand over his heart to her. But Tracey calls to his desire to experience love in spite of the hazards. And Nathan's impossibly potent magnetism draws Tracey into a bonding that will put her in mortal danger again and again.

Once the pair becomes one, the threat escalates and nowhere is safe. There are enemies that lurk behind every corner. But the greatest danger may be in the bloodlines that course through Nathan's veins.

Can their love survive or will their burdened souls surrender and fade away?

$3.99 $0.99
Deal available on May 27

Category: Paranormal Romance

269 Sex Games by Hugh de Beer

269 Sex Games To Play

$1 $3
Deal available on May 04

Category: Erotic Romance

Force Majeure by Ashley J. Barner and Jennifer Sanders

At 26, Hulda van Dusen’s life seems to be closing in on her. She’s spent the last five years hiding at home with her beloved Grandpapa, but now he’s gone—and she’s expected to take over, not only the family business but leadership of the local Assembly of witches. But then things get even worse: Hulda is stuck in the house during a snowstorm with her genius brother, pyromaniac sister, and a very confused police detective, while a monster outside howls for their blood. …And that’s just the beginning. Together, they find themselves thrown into an adventure that might just teach Hulda to live again—if it doesn’t kill her first.

$2.99 $0.99
Deal available on May 02

Category: Fantasy

I Know You by Erik Therme

Two days ago, Bree’s sixteen-year-old sister, Alissa, ran away from home. It wasn’t the first time. But unlike before, this time there was no note, and Alissa hasn’t been heard from since.

When a backpack appears on the front porch, Bree is confused to find Alissa’s belongings inside—including her wallet—as Alissa is still nowhere to be found. Then the text messages begin: I have your sister. Now I want your brother.

As the messages increase in frequency and urgency, one thing becomes clear: time is running out . . . for all of them.

$2.99 $0.99
Deal available on Apr 14

Category: Psychological Thrillers

Last Hope by Joshua C. Chadd

The epic conclusion to the Wolf Pack's journey!

Leaving the border town behind, the group continues their trek to Alaska. They don't make it far before the Reclaimers attack. The losses are heavy and James is separated from the group and in a desperate game of cat and mouse with Jezz as she hounds him every step of the way. Connor, unwilling to continue without his brother, leaves in search of him as the rest go north.

With people missing, wounded, or dead, Tank must step up and do something he never thought he would—lead a group of survivors through an apocalyptic Canada as they drive the ALCAN. As the miles pass, their destination closes in but the losses make it unclear if they'll survive with their faith and humanity intact. Despite the resistance, they push onward because this… is their last hope.

$2.99 $0.99
Deal available on Feb 26

Category: Science Fiction

The Partners by Jack Polo

“…reads like a guilty pleasure.” –Michael Hartnett, Generation Dementia

Two detectives’ steamy past complicates their hunt for a psychotic killer and puts them in an assassin’s deadly sights.

$6.99 FREE!
Deal available on Feb 19

Category: Thrillers

The Serpent Waits by Bill Hiatt

Amy Monroe thinks she's investigating secret scientific experiments in a small town. Instead, she finds secret magic from ancient Egypt that could change her life forever--if it doesn't end it first.

$2.99 $0.99
Deal available on Feb 10

Category: Fantasy

Spiral Into Darkness by Joseph Lewis

He blends in. He is successful, intelligent and methodical. There are no clues. There are no leads. The only thing the FBI and local police have to go on is the method of death: two bullets to the face - gruesome and meant to send a message. But it’s difficult to understand any message coming from a dark and damaged mind.

$6.99 FREE!
Deal available on Feb 06

Category: Thrillers

Star Child by Leonard Petracci

Powers are determined by birth location and SC is the first person born in space, a crime punishable by death and his darkest secret. But when his mother is abducted, he joins a school to learn how to fight. To save her, he must reveal his true abilities.

$3.99 $0.99
Deal available on Feb 01

Category: Teen & Young Adult

The Suffering by Dan Mayer

Twenty-year-old Billy Johnson is afflicted by the hollowness.

At the peak of despair, on the cusp of death, he encounters a strange old man, who is eerily familiar. Is this Billy’s last chance to redeem his troubled life and rid himself of the hollowness?

$3.99 FREE!
Deal available on Jan 30

Category: Horror

Kingdoms of Ether by Ryan Muree

Grimoires and magic-tech are the weapons of war. In Kingdoms of Ether, Emeryss must embark on a journey of magic and love to save herself from the wrong destiny.

$2.99 FREE!
Deal available on Jan 27

Category: Fantasy

Unlight by Chandra Shekhar

Unlight is a post-apocalyptic hard science fiction thriller set in the Australian desert. The book follows the adventures of one family of survivors -- one man and four women -- as they fight to stay alive on a dead planet. It depicts how their personalities and relationships evolve and how they cope as things start to collapse.

$9.99 $0.99
Deal available on Jan 26

Category: Science Fiction

Magical Legacy by Pamela M. Richter

Can supernatural ability be passed on to a new generation?

Michelle was gifted magical talents from an ancient witch relative hanged in Salem. Omar has dark magic, as a Necromancer.

What happens to their progeny? Opposites are clashing for control of a beautiful witch and three children with extraordinary powers

$1.99 $0.99
Deal available on Jan 22

Category: Fantasy

Flashback by TR Davis

Sarah has a gene that allows her to remember everything that happened to her ancestor thousands of years ago.

A DNA test catches the eye of a company that offers her a better life. But they want to harvest her ancestral memories for profit. Brutal experiments culminate in a finale where Sarah fights for every thought she has ever had.

$2.99 $0.99
Deal available on Jan 22

Category: Thrillers

Dear Jane by Marina DelVecchio

Kit Kat’s letters to Jane Eyre demonstrate the resilience and power that she derives from Jane's own dark narrative and the parallels between their lives that include being neglected, unloved, poor, orphaned, and almost destroyed by the madwoman in their lives. This coming of age novel is about family, loss, and forgiveness.

$5.99 FREE!
Deal available on Jan 21

Category: Teen & Young Adult

Project Bloodborn by Craig Zerf

Brenner is not a werewolf…

He is the result of a secret US Army experiment. The creation of a government controlled Super Soldier.

And no one asked if he wanted to take part...

$4.99 FREE!
Deal available on Jan 19

Category: Science Fiction

Billette Hall by DL Jones

Southern United States of America, 1858. Slave auction goes wrong leaving a group of slaves displaced and traveling alone to Billette Hall. Led by a 15 yr. old slave girl, they have to survive a 4 day trek in the woods, while unknowingly hunted by an axe welding murderer.

$4.99 $0.99
Deal available on Jan 12

Category: Horror